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Gotta Love My Kid!

I was experimenting with a new recipe the other day and made way too much. So, I put half into another baking pan and covered it with foil. I asked The Kid to get a post-it note and write today’s date and some other things on it, so we will know what it is and how long it has been in the freezer.


And this is what he handed me. Kids!


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If I Knew You Were Coming… I’d Have Baked A Cake

Its kind of funny, but I have always said that my mother taught me a very valuable lesson in how to be a parent. Think of everything she did and do the exact opposite.

That might seem kind of harsh but its mostly true. I was never close to my mother, none of us kids were. So much so that growing up, I had felt that having kids was the last thing I ever wanted to do. I even married a man who already had kids so that it wouldn’t be an issue.

Of course, when I got older, I did change my mind and eventually my son would come into this world and become my whole world. He is still, as a teenager, my best friend. We do so much together. Tonight, after dinner, we decided to bake a cake. In fact, he baked the cake and I made his favorite butter cream frosting.

DSCN2050That investment is still paying off…


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It’s Kind of Like Investing…

So, you haven’t heard from me in a while. I’ve been sick. Seriously sick. You know when you go around boasting that you’ve not had the flu since you got the flu shot back in ’98? Well, karma got me good. I’ve never been this sick… we’re on day four and maybe, just maybe if I get a really good night’s sleep tonight, I can drag myself back to work tomorrow.

You can trust that I won’t be flaunting that ‘never needed a flu shot’ mantra again.

But, there can be an upside. You guys know I have an 18 year old son, right? Well, I must have done something right, because on Friday evening when I dragged myself home from work, the Kid had dinner waiting. And I don’t mean mac&cheese or something, but a full fledged dinner complete with fresh baked dinner rolls and a salad.

Twenty-First of JanuaryMain course was stuffed shells. Now this isn’t difficult but it did take some imagination. I’ve been teaching him to cook for some time, I don’t want him to go hungry or live off fast food when he is out on his own. And he makes a mean spaghetti and it has translated over in a really good lasagna. So, this was pretty natural step in the American/Italian food hierarchy. And no, it doesn’t take a genius to be able to tear some lettuce and drop some tomatoes on top of it and then warm the oven and break a tube of Pillsbury rolls onto a cookie sheet.

The really awesome thing is that he did it all without me asking. Or prompting. Other than to say that as I left work, I phoned home and told him I wasn’t feeling good and hadn’t eaten all day.

Sometimes the sacrifices we make to be parents are totally all worth it.


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