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Airdrop: A Really Cool Mac Feature

Okay, this post may seem like a really stupid thing, but I just discovered this after struggling with taking photos with my iPhone and then trying to get them on my Mac to write blog posts.

Up to this morning, the easiest way (I thought) was to attach the photos to email drafts on my iPhone and save them, then go to my Mac and find the drafts and save the photos onto a folder that I could access while writing.

This worked well enough until it seemed I was trying to save too many (or too large) photos to the drafts and only about two or three were actually being saved in email. This became a real issue when I was taking – and using – between 15 and 20 photos. Way too many drafts and taking up way too much time.

So while trying to think of an easier way to achieve this, I selected the photo and then I touched this button on my iPhone.


And much to my surprise, the photo landed on my MacBookPro! It was so easy and so quick! How had I never known about this before? I had even asked The Kid about the best way to do this – he seems to know everything about computers – and even he didn’t know!

So, I wanted to share with everyone this amazing tool. I am probably going to take this computer to bed and explore it inside and out, that’s the course I have always loved to just try things as the approach to learning computers and it hasn’t let me down yet!

I hope this was helpful! Let me know in the comments!



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