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Let Me Introduce You To Streeter

on 9 May, 2018

Many of you didn’t know Streeter other than from my stories and mentioning in my blogs.

This was the greatest kid was ever born. As a baby, he slept through the night at 3 weeks, in fact, after waking for an eight hour night’s sleep, I was panicked and raced into his nursery to make sure he was okay – and there he lay gently cooing.

He was a large baby – 9 pounds 4 ounces – but it took him over a year to reach 20 pound so that he could face forward in his car seat. He took his first steps around the time of his first birthday and from then on, you couldn’t stop him.

He was always comfortable playing by himself. He was diagnosed at 6 as having borderline ADHD, but another pediatrician told me that he had something more akin to the same thing Einstein had, that his thoughts moved faster than he could act upon them. So, as a consequence, he always had more energy than he knew what to do with – so he would tap his foot or hum or sing and could never walk, but trot or run. He could watch something without ever really watching it, he would build Legos and have a video playing – he loved Winnie The Pooh videos until he was like eight – and could recite the lyrics and words by heart an hour later.

He was kind and generous and loved hanging out with his friends and had good friends both girls and boys and was always helpful. He figured out what he liked and went nuts on it. Couldn’t do anything halfway or even the whole way – he had to do over do it. Every time.

He was smart and funny and he loved his mom. He would hold open the door for me and pull out my chair and hold things and look for things and cook for me. He never said no to me and never, not EVER said the word ‘hate’ to me. He always told me that he loved me and would hug and kiss me – on the lips – always and in front of friends and strangers.

He was always a happy kid, at least to me. He was my partner in all our adventures – we loved to go ‘abandoned house hunting ‘ and exploring the country and thrifting and cooking and a zillion other things. We had computers in common and he taught me as much as I taught him. We both loved our Macs and iPhones and iPads and iPods and all of it.

But he had some quirks, maybe I gave him some, maybe he gave me some.

The first one is that we have this three way light switch in the hall… the first for the hallway, the second for the stairway going up and the third for the stairway to go down to the basement. They always had to be up and he would run and up and down the stairs to get them all lined up right.


Another thing was that we could never set anything digital to round numbers. He once remarked that wasn’t it interesting that people in general would always use round numbers for everything: the thermostat, the over temps and microwave settings. So he started using odd numbers for things, never using round numbers whenever he didn’t have to.

And of course, he got me to do it too:


He was a lot like me in some ways and nothing like me in other ways. But he was my best friend and I miss him so much. And I just cannot understand why he chose to end his life.

I wish I could have introduced him to everyone in the world. He was the greatest kid, the greatest son and the best person I have ever known. Will ever know.

Streeter's Mom Final


One response to “Let Me Introduce You To Streeter

  1. geoffmitch says:

    What a great post. I’m totally in agreement w/the light switch issues, i do the same. And although I always set the microwave to “1:11” instead of “1:00”, the oven temperature is an eiphany and I’ll likely adobt the same behaivor and keep it’s origin in mind as I do. I’d miss my own son as well and would wrestle as much to understand ‘why’ as you do. I hope you continue to feel supported and keep writing.

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