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What A Glorious Day!

on 5 May, 2018

Okay, was not really in a birthday celebrating mood, but my good friend Kim and I hung out most of the day. She went with me to – yes! – get my tattoo!


It didn’t really hurt and I am so happy with how it turned out. I might go back in a week or two and have the ‘e’ and ‘r’ in the middle filled in a little bit. Right now I want to wear it a while and just get used to it.

Me and Kim walked around downtown and took a look at a couple of apartments.We tried to see a fairly new building called “One Light” – and they just opened up a second called (wait for it) “Two Light” – didn’t have anyone that could show us a model, so we took a brochure and left.

Then we went to “Power&Light” Apartments, the first was the old Kansas City Power & Light offices, built in 1931. You know, the age when buildings got character and only those details that construction in the era was afforded. Kim and got the grand tour, we had a very nice young man that gave us history and the full guided tour. The building had high ceilings and sprinkled through the common areas were rescues of the original lighting and ornamentation. It was beautiful

But wow! The prices of fairly small apartments took my breath away! Add in (just) a parking space and I would need two ($100 each) and some normal expenses and the price for the two bedroom (the largest they have) soon ballooned to nearly the house payment I am making right now! It was beautiful and new but there was just not enough space to suit me. But it was fun being “prospective’ renters!

I think the walking did my knees some good but between it and the tears, I am worn out. I believe that I will be in for some really solid sleep tonight. In fact, I think I am going to be now.

IMG_0757 copyMy baby with his ‘little sister’, those two did everything together!

Streeter's Mom Final


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