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Today Was A Bit Better

on 4 May, 2018

So, I was determined to make this a better day and although not completely free of tears, as today marks six weeks. I did trek downtown to talk to a tattoo artist about doing my tattoo. For Streeter.

She was cheerful and kind and liked my idea. They were busy today doing “May The Fourth” tats for a fund raiser, but I set the appointment for tomorrow at 1:00p. This had made feel so much better. Then, to celebrate my birthday, I bought myself a small Lego set, City Pizza truck. I like the whole City line of Legos, Streeter and I had many of them already. It made me feel good to play with them again… I think I mentioned this before, but when he was little I helped him follow the directions and later, I became an organizer and helped to find the right pieces while he assembled them. I have decided to keep all the Legos that he assembled and collected. I am buying small display boxes for the smaller sets, still looking for the larger boxes for the Star Wars models and the pirate ships and even the last one he put together which was a huge truck.

Pizza Truck

With the help of a new friend at Overland Park’s Lego store, I managed to put the Yellow Submarine’s set into one of the display boxes. I needed extra clear round bricks to bring the submarine up to a height where I could display John, Paul, George and Ringo and the little guy from the movie (thanks to a reader who supplied his name: Jeremy Hillary Boob). This is what I hope to do with all of his sets.


Tomorrow my very good friend Kim is joining me for the tattoo session. I expect that there will be tears just for the very reason that I am getting the tattoo. We’ve not spent time together in a while and is very past due. I hope that tomorrow is as good as today was. It was nice to feel okay for a little while.

Streeter's Mom Final

PS Geoff, sometimes tough love is necessary. Thank you. And I love you.


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