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Thank Heavens for Good Friends

on 28 April, 2018

It just really dawned on me that I could not have made it this far without the friends I have in my life.

There are so many issues that I have to deal with and usually with strangers without knowledge or understanding. And most people in business are so cheerful and happy, always wishing me a ‘great day’. I know that it isn’t their fault, they need to be happy and cheerful… but it still hurts that I cannot be happy in return. To the few that I tried to explain that I wasn’t being rude… it caused me to break down in tears. Mostly, I just try to not interact with the public. Over the phone seems to work better, but honestly, I’d just rather not talk to anyone just now.

On the other hand, texting and emails are perfect. There is no expectation of response or the real emotion that underlies the texted words.

I love these friends and that they know me and when to reach out and when to be there when I need them. I just found the most beautiful flowers on the front porch (after I checked the Nest camera feed. (Thanks Kim and Robert!)

And the real proof is that the people who have contributed to my GoFundMe project. I can tell you that it has made all the difference in how I look at my friends, my true family.


Here he is helping me hang my quilts to get photos for OnMyCreativeSide blog. What a sly grin as I caught him unprepared.




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