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Okay, Today Was A Little Better

on 24 April, 2018

I’ve been going through all of Streeter’s Legos looking for just the minifigures, working on displaying at least some of the best ones we collected.

IMG_4702This is just some of what I have found… it at least gave me some good memories of all the Lego sets that we bought and assembled them together. Its the one thing we loved doing and as he got older, I would organize the colors and sizes and help him find them as he needed them. The great thing about Lego sets is that they come in a wide variety of prices.

When Streeter was little and going to half day kindergarten, I would pick him up everyday and we’d have lunch together before I took him to his afternoon daycare. We ate quite a bit of McDonald’s and Burger King and Wendy’s and other fast food places. I set up a little system that he could trade his meal “toy” for a special ticket that I created. One ticket was worth a small Lego set, four tickets was worth a medium toy and ten tickets was worth a large toy. Saved myself from throwing away a lot of those crap toys and he ended up with a very nice collection of Lego sets. In California, his Dad built him one of those Lego tables and once we built a city – had a zoo, a hospital, houses on a lake, gas station, mountains with pine trees… lots and lots of details and it was so much fun working together.

Unfortunately, there came a time when he wanted less to do with Legos and was more interested in computers and computer accessories. We sold the majority of them on eBay for more than $2000, a nice start for his new interest. Several times afterwards, he said he had wished that he hadn’t sold his collection and there were times I wished he hadn’t either.

So, over time we did manage to acquire a few more sets – like the Beatle’s Yellow Submarine set. They have those mystery packs of minifigures which was really fun trying to guess what the bag contained. I will probably continue to collect these to keep that part of us alive.

I collected a couple of shadow boxes and collection boxes and am organizing those I want to display. I’ve contacted this company that makes special large Lego men sized for holding ashes. It doesn’t appear that there will be an Alaskan trip – at least not this summer – so I am considering ordering one for the meantime. There were only four very generous donations to my GoFundMe campaign ( but not coming close enough to make the trip.

I met with a new psychotherapist today and having to start the process all over didn’t feel helpful at all. Still looking around for the right support group. Trying to attend to too many things at the same time seems to overwhelm me, so I am trying to deal with less things in a single day. Tomorrow I’ll try to take on a couple of more.



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