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Down But Not Out

on 8 February, 2018

Wow. This has been a tough week or so. In addition to the cold and snow (off and on) and my usual headaches, etc., I was hit by a nasty UTI. And the struggling between my doctor’s office and the pharmacy to get the right medication prescribed was something straight out of a bad movie.

You see, I have a penicillin allergy and I have been taking pain medications for some time for the headaches, so the first called in Rx didn’t catch the penicillin allergy and so there was some phone tag between the pharmacy and the doc’s office.

When they did get a second prescription phoned in, the pharmacy was worried about its interaction with the pain meds… something about causing a depressed breathing issue. So, third time was a charm, but by then it was late Saturday and the pharmacy was closed with the doc’s office called and of course, the doc’s office was closed on Sunday.

Sigh. By this point my back was killing me (I had a kidney stone surgically removed a couple of years ago, so I know that pain) so I laid a little heavy into the pain meds to combat that. By the time I did get the Rx, it still took a couple of days to get things moving, so it wasn’t until about today that I started getting to feel like my old self.

Give me another day or two and I think I will be back. I hope this qualifies as my contribution to the country’s “flu” statistics. That is, I don’t plan on getting it, so I’ve done my sick thing.

I’ve actually been doing some job interviewing, first steps over the phone. I hope this means that things are picking up and perhaps I will soon be heading back to work. I like the idea of going to work full time for a company, one that I can perhaps retire from. At this point, although it isn’t ideal, I wouldn’t even consider the option of relocation would be out of the question. We’ll see, I guess… take it one step at a time.



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