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The Holiday and the End of the Year

on 22 December, 2017

I’ve been spending much more of my time on my other blog ( that I haven’t posted here much.

I also started another blog – “Starring:“. It is centered around a relatively new interest in collecting and learning about Pyrex in the U.S. It hit the U.S. market around 1948 and was produce through the 1980’s and I have hit on my favorite – a relatively popular but less produced pattern – called Friendship Birds. Friendship LogoAs a side note, when The Kid would deign spend time with me, we would start to recognize it in movies and television, so thus was born the idea of the website.

I wanted to share with you something magical that has happened. I have a few plants in my house and the one in the corner with (apparently) the best light was a corn plant. It actually flowered this year. From what I read, this happens very rarely and if you does for you, you should continue to do whatever you’ve been doing. It has a heavy sweet smell and then dropped tiny little seeds all over the floor (of course).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I also wanted to share my violets with you. Years back when I worked for GEHA the woman who sat next to me left the sorriest looking violets when she left the company. Something about my great room and its lighting just makes plants go crazy. Not only had it flourished enough that I had to divide it into two pots, but they have both had nonstop flowers for the past six or eight months!

IMG_4447Aren’t they just lovely!?


We’re not a religious family and we adopted the notion that we didn’t need to wait for a birthday or Christmas to give gifts to one another, so we don’t really celebrate Christmas or Hanukah. And The Kid made an offhand comment a bunch of years ago how much work it was to do all the holiday trimming that we scaled way back on it to the point of not doing anything at all with regard to decorating. The one thing we decided we still wanted to do was to make “Christmas cookies” (decorated sugar cookies) so when we break out the cookie cutters, maybe we’ll make a few cookies that have a holiday theme.

I hope all of you find what makes the season for you and that you are happy and healthy. I’ll throw in a Happy New Year as well. Look forward to seeing and/or hearing from you in the next year!

Happy New Year



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