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My Human Eyes

on 6 October, 2017

I have had the darnedest changes with regard to my eyes. I have, generally speaking, pretty good eyesight. I didn’t wear any glasses until I was almost 30. Then it was a really light – and the same in both eyes – prescription for near nearsightedness.

For about ten years or so, the prescription changed just a few degrees every year. Just when I was thinking that my eyes were bad enough to be worried about making sure I had a ‘backup’ pair of glasses and my little guy (about age 5) started to wear glasses, the most amazing change happened. At first, I was quite worried and made an urgent appointment with my ‘eye guy’. As I started to explain, he jumped in and made an incorrect assumption that my eyes were much worse.

On the contrary, the big change with my eyes were for the better. And surprisingly, the improvement continued. In fact, for the first time, I could drive without wearing correction, although things were a little fuzzy when it came to reading a lot of words on a sign. This past summer, my optometrist announced that I would no longer need to wear corrective lenses for distance vision. However…

Yes, my days of wearing glasses driving or watching television and (the most important) computer work. But, (and isn’t the ‘but’ always the thing?) I needed some help on really close up work… and I encountered this with my recent resumption of needlework. In this case, cross stitch.

Friendship Pattern Cross StitchThis is the most recent piece I am working on and without adjustment, I can’t see it clearly enough to keep the stitches even and neat.

So, on a recent shopping trip, my last stop was Home Depot. And right at the self checkout, there was a display of ‘reading’ glasses. I picked up a pair and slipped them on and checked out small print. OMG! They were perfect!

IMG_4368No rims to get in the way. Short little lens so I can look over them to watch television, read the computer screen, talk to The Kid. Even more wonderful because I wasn’t looking for this in reading glasses, the ear pieces are flexible and über comfy! To top it all off, they were only about ten dollars! I could have tried to do this in a glasses store and never would have gotten close and probably spend more than a hundred dollars.

I. LOVE. THEM! And the do everything I need them to do. I don’t really even mind having people see me in them! Now the only – and last – challenge is to find at least one more pair just like them. And if I find more than that, they will all become mine! I am bad when it comes to glasses, reading or otherwise, and if I have multiples, I can leave one with the sewing machine, next to the bed for reading, another pair in the kitchen, etc. Hopefully, my eyes will stay this way for a little while!

Have you ever encountered the situation where your eye sight dramatically improved? This is so weird!



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