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Consistency Was Never My Strong Suit

on 25 July, 2017

At least when it comes to writing in this blog, I am really ‘hit or miss’. My other blog gets much, much more attention. But it is much more interesting as well.

I thought I’d write today as something has been on my mind. Isn’t it funny how you can be going along, life being just life, when something from the past sneaks up and throws you a curve?

Well something did just pop up out of nowhere. It actually started some days ago when a name from my past fluttered by in an email. Just an off hand, normal run-of-the-mill email. And suddenly, twenty five years just melted away and I was a young woman head over heels for a blonde haired, blue-eyed Irish boy.

My heart skipped a beat. Maybe two. It was a glorious feeling for someone who has felt so lousy lately. I was definitely looking for something to change my overall disappointing mood at being, once again, in the job hunt. Once again, pinching pennies and watching the dollars. Feeling older every day as the knees creak with every step and the only time I truly feel good is those first few moments in the morning before life comes slamming down.

Anyway, there were a few days there that I was walking a little lighter and feeling better. It is a good feeling.



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