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I Feel A Little Like Punxsutawney Phil

on 14 February, 2016

So, I finally managed to get a place where I felt safe enough to open my eyes.Poke my head up, open my eyes and look around. Whew! I think I am safe! Only six more weeks of recovery!

Second surgery done and recovery and physical therapy scheduled to start, I seem to have had a small break in the relenting aching pain in my right leg.

I have so much to write about these surgeries. About me and these surgeries. I know that often you have to digress to go forward, but wow, this has been one of the most painful, difficult and frustrating processes that I have had the pleasure to participate.  I think the one thing that has been most surprising is the vast differences between the surgeries. I mean, there are some differences, but I didn’t honestly think them that much of a difference when I went into this. And I think it is something that you can only know after you are there… you can never second guess something like this.

I can safely say that I will not be rushing back into any kind of surgery in the next decade unless absolutely necessary. Age is just making it more and more difficult to recover as quickly as I used to.

The one thing that I seem to have changed my mind about – oh and there is plenty of time and opportunity for that to turn around as well – is about getting a tattoo. I’ve done some internet surfing on the scars from these surgeries and they are not nice to look at. I guess it will depend on when mine really are healing and becoming scars rather than incisions, but I thought it would be fun to cover them with an interesting tattoo. I heard the experience of “bionic woman” in reference to having had both knees replaced and though it would be neat to have steel plating tattooed over the scars.

And with all my other hobbies and interests, I have lots of options to choose: needle and thread, quilting stitches, wood hinges are some ideas that come to mind, but it will at least give me a diversion while recovering and actually unable to do many of those actual hobbies and interests. If you’ve seen something or have an idea, please send it along. ‘Cause if there is one thing I am it is unique and so my tats must be as well!!

I have been way remiss in writing or posting in either blog over these past couple of months and I hope you are understanding and continue to support me as you have in the past. Soon, I hope this phase will be but one more of the steps to becoming a better me.


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