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And The Count Down Begins (Again)

on 8 February, 2016

So, I am still receiving “high marks” for my continued therapy and exercising even when not being cajoled by the physical therapist. I think I feel like I have already gained so much ground with the first knee replacement and recovery and am really beginning to embrace the additional week that I pushed for between surgeries. After all, with the second surgery the day after tomorrow, the first leg will have to be the “good leg” while I do recovery on the second knee.

It has been an amazing turn of events these past two weeks. I honestly did not feel like that small amount of time would really be enough to feel like I am accomplishing and moving forward. I know the swelling is way down and the bruising – which once covered the entire leg from just mid-level of my thigh – was absolutely terrifying to look at. During the first comprehension hosiery change, I was dumbfounded by the lack of any normal colored skin! It ranged from yellowish red to a purpley-black with shades of deep blue. And this went all the way to the bottom of all of my toes!

Tonight I will peel off the compression hose on my left leg and let the skin breathe for the next day. It will definitely feel good.

I’ve been trying to eat a little better although not making large changes in my diet. More concerned with the amount of what I have been eating rather than with how much. Lots of my comfort food – which good for me isn’t heavy or really bad for me – I am a mashed potatoes junkie! I love putting a couple of ounces of chicken chopped up and sprinkled on top, and this both takes care of my hunger as well as my desire to just feel better. If I had to guess, I’d place bets on having lost about twenty to twenty five pounds in the past four weeks. I guess I will be able to report “officially” on Wednesday, when I check in for surgery.

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been fighting the urge to really investigate what is going on during surgery. I glanced at some actual surgical footage and watched the first minute or so of the horizontal incisions across the knee and then one down the length from above the knee to below it and nearly passed out! I’ve never been squeamish about surgery and surgical procedures, but for whatever reason that one nearly made me lose my lunch! I quickly turned it off and have decided that if I really need to review it at some point, it will be at a minimum of three months post recovery. Sometimes it just isn’t necessary!

The Kid continues to make me proud with his attentiveness to my needs both physical and emotional. Every single day I wonder exactly what I did right such that I ended up with the greatest single child ever born. I love that Kid more than life and breath.

With the completion of the first knee’s surgery, somehow word seemed to have hit the job market and phones and email have been off the hook. I loved the time I took off last year – my sabbatical – and the fact that I have the type of career where I can not only think about taking such time off but in fact, can and did, just supports the decisions that I’ve made. But that much time out of the technology sector can be detrimental and am anxious to jump back in with both feet (and legs newly replaced with titanium knees!).

Thank you for hanging in for this ride! Make sure you leave comments and/or send me emails if you have questions about what is entailed in this process. I do plan to go into it with a lot more technical know-how and how it is important not only for medicine but for patients as well.



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