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Dec 10: A Smile

on 10 December, 2015

december-photo-list SmallSo, amazingly, with the increase in writing, I have actually lost readers.How does that happen? Is my December photo challenge that bad or do I ramble a bit too much about my amazing kid?

Huh. And today’s challenge is: “A Smile”. Of course that smile comes from my amazing kid. Go figure.

Maybe I should talk a little more about where I want to take my blog. In a little more than six weeks, I am going to have dual knee replacement surgery and I want to use it as a starting point to make a few changes in my life. My sabbatical will end – although I have totally loved the time off – and I am thinking about what I want to do and who I want to work with and for.

It will also encompass some changes for me personally… the primary one being that new knees will bring me more physical activity and I want to lose some of this weight that I have put on while nursing the pain and arthritis from it. I was also recently informed that I am “pre-diabetic” and God knows I need to stop that in its tracks – actually reverse that – and I know exercise and eating better will be the baseline to begin that. I want to do everything I can to get well from the surgery and be back to my old active self. There are a couple of things that I’d like to do, including hiking to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and maybe trying part of the Pacific Crest Trail in California. I’d also like to really see Nevada’s Mojave Desert. There are a ton of places I want to see still in the states and most of them require walking. Lots of walking.

So, here is tonight’s photo challenge”A Smile”:


This photo hangs just outside my bedroom door… along with a couple other photos of my wonderful son!




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