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Dec 6: Favorite Color

on 6 December, 2015

december-photo-list SmallToday’s topic is an especially difficult one for me. It’s not that I don’t have a favorite color, but rather, I have favorite colors for specific categories of things.

For instance, when it comes to cars, my preference runs to black. I have had many black cars… there is something inherently sexy about a black car. But when it comes to eyes, the hazel/green of my son’s eyes are my favorite. When it comes to flowers, the color is yellow… as in springtime tulips of golden yellow… like the ones I carried in my wedding bouquet.

In my clothing, I run to solid colors combined with jeans… so look for me mostly in black and gray and green. I will venture to red (they say all blondes look good in red) but as far as favorite? Black clothes. I prefer white gold or platinum to yellow metals, but diamonds are this girl’s favorite.

Now, if you’ve seen my house, you know that I have decorated with many colors. My sewing room is a pale green, the master is a sedate burgundy and hunter green. My office leans toward the Apple platform of shiny white and aluminum and my guest bath is a soothing combination of sand, sea and sky.

Now, my favorite – and most used – rooms are the kitchen, dining room and living room… really one big room. And therein lies probably the closest thing to my “favorite” color: red. And not any old red, but what I call “Kitchenaid Red”. You see, I was given the Kitchenaid professional stand mixer in their shade of red and fell head over heals when I bought this house. And the whole kitchen was designed around that thing and that color. And someday, my plan is to paint the will-do-for-now pecan cabinets: the uppers bright white and the lower cabinets in that ‘Kitchenaid Red’. I will have bright white Corian countertops or a recycled glass countertop made from clear and red glass.

Right now, most of the accessories – right down to my Betty Crocker vintage 1958 cookbook – are red or white or a combination of the two. It’s just cheery and inviting and at the same time, mellow and calming!

When it comes to the crafting I do, I find that as a close second to the best selling pink ombré furniture, red is the color. People love it. And I love to work with it. Sometimes it makes it difficult to part with the item, but lack of space usually does the trick in deciding whether to keep something or not. 🙂

So, here is my photo of the day, in red:



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