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Dec 5: Fruit

on 5 December, 2015

december-photo-list SmallToday’s photo dujour is interesting as there isn’t really a piece of fruit in the house. Sunday mornings are when grocery shopping is done and tomorrow you would find a plethora of it.

The Kid reminded me, however, that tomatoes are fruit – not the “vegetable” folks my age growing up were told it was. So, as the only fruit in the house, it has become my picture of the day.

This one (these ones) are kind of special though, as I grew them. Every year I attempt to grow something, either in a garden or in pots. This year I experimented with container gardening and I was relatively successful. There was a whole story behind the growing… from acquiring the containers to their unique cages… captured on my other blog. But once I started seeing tomatoes, they grew like crazy, like there would be no tomorrow! I enjoyed eating them whole, like we did when we were kids, eating them in salads and I even made a super special hot sauce for The Kid. They were delicious. They had flavor and even though most of them were small, I did actually get a handful that grew to apple sized and sliced them for sandwiches. They tasted so good.

Just about a week or so ago, we finally had a hard freeze and even though I managed to keep them going for about a week covered with sheets, there was a point where the season was finally over and I threw in the towel.


While cutting the stalks and adding them to the compost, I saved about a dozen that hadn’t froze and although green, I thought could be saved. They were given a place of honor on the kitchen window ledge and slowly, some of them have ripened and turned red. I have high hopes for the rest of them.

Seeing them there takes me back to a time in my childhood. Even though my Dad was away from home for long periods of time (he was a long haul truck driver that ran from the Midwest to the east coast, then up and down the coast and then finally home) it seemed that he always grew tomatoes. I don’t know if out of necessity or if he just like to try and grow something, I always recall green tomatoes sitting on the kitchen window ledge in the summer and early fall.

Seeing my tomatoes there, reminds me of my Dad.



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