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Dec 2: Clouds (?)

on 2 December, 2015

december-photo-list SmallSo, today’s photo challenge is “clouds”. Huh. The sky is almost dark its so cloudy. Or should I say overcast. Is “overcast” the same as “cloudy”? It is fitting so well with my mood and physical self today… the increased humidity does something fierce to Mr. Arthur Ritis in both knees that I barely want to get out of bed. But even staying put in one position hurts after a bit and then it forces me to move and then everything hurts anew!

These are the days when I think ahead of the upcoming dual surgeries and am excited. I’ve known a couple of people – and read about a lot more – who swear life is a full 180° after healing from the surgery(ies). And almost everything without fail, says they wished they’d done it sooner.

I think I bugged my ortho-doc every single time I went to see him about it. I think he was holding out ’till I hit the big “55” before he would agree. Kept telling me I was “too young”. Damned if that didn’t sound good about the first ten times he told me!

We did hit on something that really helped for a while. Well, helped me, but not apparently not a lot of others. Or maybe a lot of others and that is why the insurance company stopped wanting to pay for it.

See, for a few years, I was getting injections behind my knee caps. (That’s where my arthritis lives.) These injections – which me and the doc called “chicken shots” – really helped for a while.

They were called “chicken shots” because the original injections were a combination of ingredients including the cellular material from chicken’s combs. Their real name was HYALGAN but for some reason, I could never remember that. Hence the use of the vernacular: chicken shots.

But then, my insurance decided that they weren’t going to pay for them anymore and at $3000 a series (five in each knee in as many weeks), I couldn’t exactly afford them either. And they were getting less and less effective. So, time for the replacement surgeries.

But in the meantime, there has been literally nothing to aid in the pain that has resulted from lack of lubrication and continuing destruction. And like I said earlier, the weather is murder. Just this continuous dull ache that never stops in both knees. No matter what I do. Sigh.

DSCN4202So, this is Kansas City today. Blah. Gah. Ugh.(But at least its not snowing. Yet.)




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