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A New Direction – “Dec 1: My Choice”

on 1 December, 2015


I’ve been thinking and thinking and thinking about this blog. When I first started it, it was all about retrospective… figuring out where the second half of my life would lead. My son was almost grown, my career was at the top of its game, my personal life was about as good as it could get.

Then some things happened and for a while, this blog became a major bitch portal. The most painful and hurtful things rolled from my fingertips and the keyboard. It didn’t take long for me to realize that not only was I not moving forward, but I was also hurting a lot of people. Including myself. Under the guise of being “honest”, I was being obnoxious.

So, the blog became less and less important. Occasionally, I would stumble across something that was important enough – to me, anyway – to write. But the posts have been few and far between and mostly, inconsequential. While my other blog – my creative outlet – has thrived and commanded a nice little following, this one has laid in ruins. In fact its been more than a month since my last post. Someone out there, God love ’em, seems to log in every day to check on me. Thank you, who ever you are.

So, like I said, I have been thinking about this blog. Mostly because of upcoming events. First, another new year (2016). Second, I have scheduled the surgeries to both knees to have them replaced them with prosthetic ones. I am hoping this will have a significant impact on my life in a way that I haven’t known in a long time.

I want to use the surgeries as a way to make myself better. Better physically, but also mentally and spiritually. I want to make changes to become a better person all around, to give back when I know that I have been given so much. I have been an extremely lucky person in this life. I have been blessed with a lot and I know it.

I want this to be a thoughtful journey and I know that there aren’t any shortcuts – I will be required to do the work. I am going to do my best to my best.

So, to get back into the habit of writing, I am going to start with a December photo challenge. Today is December 1. Seems like a good place to start.

December Photo ListSo, the photo at the top of the page represents my photo for today, December 1. I rescued this little, this-close-to-dead plant from a former cube neighbor at a job. It got a new pot and a spot near my kitchen window and sink. It has thrived. In the past year alone, there hasn’t been a single day when there hasn’t been at least one flower in bloom and in most cases, many. It brings me joy in knowing that there is hope for all things, no matter how small the chance. All that is needed is that one opportunity.

So, in addition to a daily photo based on this challenge, I will lay out plans and hopes for what changes are coming for me in the near future. I would love to have company, bring others along for the ride and the opportunity for them to make their own changes. Depend and lean on each other, no one is alone in this world. Sharing can make things bearable and to know that others feel like you do is an amazing power. For growth. For healing. For support.

The journey starts today. I am glad you’re here to take it with me.



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