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Death, Organ Donation and Life

on 22 September, 2015

Not that long ago, I talked about what I would want to happen when I die. No fanfare, no funeral, no notices and tears. I want my ashes scattered somewhere that I’ve never been and have no marker. I don’t want anyone to even be told that I gone, outside those who directly need to know.

But I have to add a few things that I forgot the first time around. First, I need to leave everything I can to those who need it: my eyes, my kidneys, my skin… whatever can be used, I want used. My brain is to go to science so that someone, hopefully, can figure out why my head has provided me constant pain for the past thirty years. But whatever still might work should be reused for someone who’s whatever has stopped working.

I’ve been watching this show about a woman who hiked the Pacific Crest Trail. And although I doubt that I will ever be physically able to do the entire trail (its like 2000 miles!), I think I’d like to try to complete a section. That is, once I’ve gotten my knees fixed. I miss spending time in the mountains and at the beach… miss spending time with nature. There is just something inherently “centering” about being in nature. Makes one realize that we aren’t but specks in time and nature.

I’m in a weird place today. Had a fight with The Kid a couple of days ago and we didn’t talk for two days. It resulted in a bit bigger fight last night and I told him to leave. He packed a quick bag and has been gone all night and today. I don’t know when he might even attempt to come home or what we’ll do if he does. Maybe its time for him to really grow up. I think I’ve been protecting him from the world a little too long. The idea was to provide him with a life the complete opposite of mine – but I think it has resulted in him being sheltered and pampered and unprepared for real life. He’s a smart kid and I am sure he’ll be fine. But things have definitely changed between us. For good or not.



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