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And Getting Ready To Make Its Return Appearance…

on 13 August, 2015

So, today has been, thus far, a wandering kind of a day. You know, one of those days that you sort of have a list of stuff to work on but you can’t quite get finished – hell, today I can’t quite get started! It is going to be hot, so if I work in the garage, I should be doing it now, but I am not quite feeling it yet. I just picked up this huge plant (thank you CraigsList) and it is sitting in the driveway – seriously this thing is like ten feet tall and it needs to be repotted before I bring it into the house – but its going to be hot, so it can’t really stay out there for very long. I am trying to get through emails to see if there is anything important or that warrants immediate attention but I keep getting distracted by all the fun things I am signed up for.

I had a telephone “skills assessment” conversation last night with my latest headhunter firm. I usually hate these things because you really can’t get a feel for how they’re assessing you, but this conversation was different. Good different. I ended up just chatting with the guy as we had similar backgrounds and you know, have all that old technology in common. Seriously, we must have spent ten minutes along on AS400! I know a handful of people that still have that experience (and use it!) so you gotta love someone who has a sense of humor about the whole thing. It was great.

Now, if that just means skills assessment ‘great’, I guess we will have to wait and see. I have found, more often than not, that even though the conversation goes well, that the assessment is harsh. And you never get a second chance to make that first impression. Seems more and more lately that I have developed a kind of blindness, that I think things go better than they really did. Of course, then I sit and analyze everything I said or did (in the case of an in-person interview) and try to figure out how to do it different/better/right the next time around. But it is true that each scenario is different and what you change based on the last interview totally screws up the next one. I will tell you this: I am way too experienced at interviews.

And still, the worst part of a new job is the transition phase. Argh. You know, where you’re never sure what you should be doing or going and you still have to figure out all the different personalities and who is the person you can interrupt and who’s cube you can just pop into or who might be your best ally and lunch buddy, right down to the best route to work to avoid the Grandville triangle morning and evening rush hour traffic jams. And you walk around without a clue about how they’re doing things there and they don’t really care about your experience before because it isn’t how they are doing it now and never will, so just forget about starting any sentence with “When I worked on it before…” because, well, they don’t care.

And on top of it all, I have this thing brewing on the left side of my brain… one that wants to grow into a monster of a migraine because, well, I have been feeling just too damned good lately and it wants to eat up that part of your head where you experience any kind of enthusiasm or joy or the smallest hope of something good. I have a shit-ton of stuff to get done (you know all that stuff that is one little thing away from being finished) and this thing wants to gobble it all up and knock me on my ass.

Guess I will try to get something done before it makes its appearance.



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