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Just Go The Fuck Away Already!

on 1 August, 2015

I almost don’t want to post this today, but frankly it has pissed me off so much so that I have to have an outlet somewhere. And this is that somewhere.

So once again, someone has managed to fuck up my online presence.

Let me step back one or two steps. Anyone who knows me, knows my love of everything Apple. Even working for Apple was one of the highlights of both my professional career as well as my personal. I’ve been a solid fan of Apple – literally – since day one.

So, my whole online presence is centered around my Apple ID. Its how I write my blogs, get my email, connect through Facebook, use my iPhone, set up my wireless internet in my home. Its the center of a very large hub. So when someone manages to lock me out, my whole online world (and some of my offline too) stops.

So, this happened sometime Thursday evening through Friday morning. Someone managed to lock me out of my Apple ID. And thank the stars, they didn’t actually gain access to anything, it did require a new, stronger password be implemented.

Now, every time I sit down to one of my computers or televisions, I have to go through this whole rigamarole of changing the password. If you know me, you know between me and The Kid, we have a lot of computers online. And two iPhones. And an iPad and an Android tablet.

So, that consumed much of my day yesterday and just when I think I’ve gotten everything, another one will pop up. Like this morning when I was writing and investigating stuff online, I opted to do a little streaming on the iMac that sits next to me in my office. Whoops! Forgot to update that one!

And what came to mind? Well, string of profanities for a starter. Then this blog started forming in my head. So, I knew I was going to have to get this out of my head so that I can go on with the day.

To that “special person”: [Clears throat]… this has gone on quite long enough. I don’t care about you. I don’t miss you. I don’t need or want you in my life. I am so over this! At first it seemed a little endearing that you wanted to still keep in contact, even if it was “anonymous” and you have actually introduced me to some interesting web sites along the way (by signing me up), but that is over. It isn’t worth the time and effort of everything else. You made your choice, now live with it and leave me along.


‘Cause this is a major fucking pain in the ass. Like you were. Like you ARE.



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