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Chronic Pain and “Cake”

on 27 June, 2015

So, I have not had a great day. Actually, I haven’t had a ‘good’ day in a while. I fear, sometimes, that I’ve built a tolerance to the medication that I take for the chronic migraines that I have. And don’t forget about the knees. Its getting so bad, that I really have to think long and hard about making the trek up stairs to my sewing room. And the only way I can do it is one step at a time. Lately the knee pain has prevented me from making the trip to twice a day. On a good day. Did I mention today is not a good day?

I’ve seen some good movies lately. That is the one thing I can do: watch television.

Wait… do we still call it ‘watching tv’ if there is nothing actually being broadcast? I have completely stopped watching any kind of cable, other than I can stream HBO and Starz and Lifetime and a couple other channels. But not through cable, but through my Amazon Prime service. And Netflix, of course. Anyway – sorry for the interruption!

So, some really good movies lately. In fact, I am watching one particular movie for the third time within a week. I find sometimes that I sometimes slip into a sort of drug-induced fog and I can watch something and not really see it. So it helps to be able to re-watch them easily and as often as I like. And I can pause and rewind and replay any and every scene as many times as I need. Or want.

One of those movies – one that I am watching for the third time – is “Cake”. Stars Jennifer Aniston and this is not her usual vehicle. Its serious and yet lighthearted at times. And she mostly is sans makeup and wears ‘sensible’ clothes through. She is really acting. And she is acting her ass off!

maxresdefaultI have generally liked her – ‘Friends’ aside – but she really goes the extra mile in this movie. Maybe I like it so much because she is dealing with something I know a little about. Pain and pain medication. And wondering if people think you are making it up because there isn’t something visible about this particular malady.

I mean, if you break your leg, you get a cast. If you cut your skin, you see a bandage. Flu or chicken pox or a million other diseases – well, there are visible symptoms. Chronic pain? Nothing.

Also, they never really say it, but the movie hints at the fact that she and her husband are estranged and talk about a son. You are supposed to piece it together that she had been in a very bad accident with her son – who died – and maybe was her fault? But there we differ. I know that if anything ever happened to my son… I would first do whatever was needed to the person or persons that hurt him and then I would join him in death. No hesitation. Not. One. Single. Second.

Anyway, back to the blog. I’ve been really bad lately about writing and my readership is down to a trickle. I guess I had hoped for a more interactive style blog, that I would, could be talking to people who are going through the same things as I. Mostly about what is it that you’re supposed to do when you’ve done everything? Get married, have a kid, get a job/career, buy the house and the cars and furniture and landscape your lawn. But then what?

I see that Friday has turned into Saturday and I guess I should try to go to bed. The humidity has made my knees and back ache and I have been keeping a migraine just at the edge for two days now. I am hoping that a solid night’s sleep will help.



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