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Contentment in Melancholy

on 14 June, 2015

From the start, I have to confess to having one of the most restful naps that I have had since I was a child. I normally don’t like to sleep during the day, as it seems to me, that it is a waste of the day. I have mastered power naps for at least the last decade or so, but don’t consider those 35 minutes anything but a waste of time.

This however, was a full fledged nap. Somewhere in the neighborhood of two and a half hours stretched out on the couch. The movie “The Fly” (the Jeff Goldblum/Geena Davis version). I have always liked it and today I turned it on to watch for at least the 20th time.

Thunderstorms are rolling in and thunder is rolling. These are those days that I appreciate the Midwest. These are the kind of storms that I grew up with and there is some sort mix of melancholy and comfort that goes along with them. I may just go sit on the back deck and watch the clouds and storm roll in.

A new week begins too soon. I need to desperately hold on to this day and its evening.



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