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A New Old Kick – Music Records!

on 3 June, 2015

This is my latest toy/acquisition:

photo 1The Kid recently developed a desire for vinyl when we found some interesting 45s and a couple of full length album in a thrift store. For those who don’t know, The Kid and I have long been fond of digging for treasures in old thrift stores and secondhand shops. I had this really old record player in a box that we had as kids, something left over from the 60’s and maybe the 70’s. If you’re old enough, you remember those. Looks something like this:

il_570xN.248910384Since he had found these records in pristine condition, I wanted to get a decent turntable for him to play them on. Thus began his love of old records and the music.

The other day, on a whim when we were in a different part of town, we stopped into a shop and they had an awesome selection of records. I found one that could only be described as  condition – almost like it had never been played before!

photo 6I figured it would be cover bands singing No. 15 chart hits, but to my wonder it was the actual musicians and bands doing their songs – GREAT songs. Its almost too perfect to ever play!

photo 5

Tony Bennett, Guy Mitchell, Sammy Kaye…photo 4Whoops! I will have to retake that photo!photo 3Mitch Miller, Doris Day, Marty Robbins!!photo 2Frankie Lane! Percy Faith and Johnny Horton’s “The Battle of New Orleans”!

Cool, huh?



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