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Things Have Been Good For A Change

on 27 May, 2015

Even though I have made the decision to go back to work and have actively started the search, I find that things are okay. No, more than okay, they have been good. I like where I am in the broad sense of things and feel pretty confident about the job hunt.

Me and The Kid have spent a lot of time outside, getting the garden going and tending to my strawberry patch. The strawberries are third year plants now, which means that they are really routed and should produce many and sweet berries. I am looking forward to harvesting some.

I’ve not entirely given up on the dream of moving to Europe, although it still seems so difficult to achieve. I did sit yesterday and filled out the applications for our passports – mine expired and The Kid’s passport was a minor’s passport. And now that he is no longer a minor, he has to apply for an adult passport. I pulled out his passport the other day and he is about 4 and smiling that big beautiful grin of his in the photo. I just cannot believe how quickly all the time has just flown by. He is soon to be leaving his teens and will turn 20 this year!

Damned if that doesn’t make me feel old! Well, that and the bad knees and the headaches and the gray hair… blah, blah, blah. I suppose that I have turned into one of those ‘old’ people that I remember from my youth… bitchin’ about time passing too quickly and complaining about their aches and pains… oh, and driving around in those hot sport cars that should be reserved for those young and beautiful people!

Yeah. Every “old” person I remember from my youth has had their predictions come true. You know the ones, ‘just wait, you’ll see how fast time goes by’ or ‘one day you’ll understand why it is important to take care of yourself’ kinds of warnings. Yeah.

The funny thing about this particular blog, was that it was supposed to be a way to help decide how I wanted to spend this next segment of my life. Most days, I am happy to just be sewing or quilting or painting or whatever and watching old movies (at least they are streaming and I don’t have to watch commercials!!). Not such a bad way to spend a day.

I will try to be better about writing. I know I made a new year’s resolution to write every day, if only a few words, but hell, here I am but writing only a post or two a week!

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