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Looks Like the Sabbatical Has to End

on 16 May, 2015

When I dropped off the ’employment grid’ back in Thanksgiving, I had no idea my little sabbatical was going to last. Or how long I would need to decompress from the daily grind. Well, here I am right at the six month mark and I find that a) the finances are getting a bit stretched but (and most importantly) b) I am significantly de-stressed and ready to go back to work.

I have hopes that the next position will be my last… that is, I would really like to find a company, group and team that I enjoy working with and that has the finances to keep me on project for a while. Like ‘years’ while, not ‘months’.

There is always two things that I didn’t like about my career – and I don’t know what it is like in other industries, I only know in mine – is that lots of positions are sort of a ‘test’ position. That is, the project is new or in re-development and no one quite seems to know if, or how long, the project will last. It is a unique environment and a fickle one, and some things die a quick death, some run out of money or steam and some turn into the next million dollar idea. So some positions that I expected to last a few months, lasted years… and vice versa.

So, the second thing I don’t like is the job hunt. I suspect that most people don’t care for the job hunt, but sometimes it is unavoidable. I do a lot of contract work, which like stated earlier, requires the correct amount of money to be allocated by the project to keep going and if the money gets used up before the project is done – poof! – contracts are ended and I am once again, back to the hunt.

I think it was time, though. I think that I was having days where I was having a tough time finding things to keep me sufficiently engaged. And I swear that I have no officially seen everything that has ever been produced for viewing pleasure. I can spend copious amounts of time searching for a movie or series and have, in fact, turned to re-watching some things. Not that is all bad, as some things can only be viewed or seen in a second or third viewing. Or that specific projects are so well crafted that you want to see it more than once. (Kevin Spacey in “House of Cards” quickly comes to mind.)

So, yeah, deciding to go back to work was easy. Now comes the hard part. I hope there is a quick resolve to this and maybe the stars are aligned just right that I will find what I am looking for quickly. After all, in my thirty-odd years of working in technology, I’ve really not been involved in a bad project, and only temporarily involved with a less than optimum company. I am pretty good at listening to my gut and have had a very successful and challenging career.



2 responses to “Looks Like the Sabbatical Has to End

  1. Good luck! I just started my sabbatical from the corporate world two weeks ago. My time frame is about three to six months as well. I think about the time when I have to jump into job hunting mode and the challenges that it brings. But I do think that it will be worth it for the time away to decompress and rejuvenate. Best of luck!

    • MacCupcake says:

      Thanks! And good luck to you as you journey through your sabbatical! We face challenges of all sorts and the ability to adapt to our surroundings is perhaps one of the greatest skills to have. I am going to be reading along with you!

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