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Tired… Just Too Damned Tired

on 12 May, 2015

Ever feel like you can’t get ahead? On finances, or sleep or projects or anything? That’s me tonight.

And this is when things get tricky. You see when I have this much on my mind and I get to feeling that I can’t get anything finished, it really starts to aggravate the headaches. The medication I take keeps me just this side of a constant migraine, but let me tell you, add some real stress to the mix and then not enough sleep – and you have yourself a sure fired recipe for one helluva headache. I can feel it in my arms and chest and back and neck and it is slowly but surely creeping towards a migraine.

At least I can sleep in tomorrow. And stay in bed all day if I have to.

I can only pray that no one signs me up for more crap tomorrow… or doesn’t try to hack my Google or Apple accounts. Jeesh, talk about aggravating! Can’t someone give me a break?



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