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It Just Goes On and On and On and On….

on 8 May, 2015

So, I have someone attempting to hijack a couple of different email accounts that I have. And my Apple account. Thankfully, even if you knew me WELL, you would not guess my passwords. I use a fairly difficult encryption scheme that even keeps me out on occasion! 🙂

But the frustration is always there. On a daily basis, I have someone or someones who sign me up for a myriad of websites and accounts. Thankfully, with recent legislation, the ‘opt out’ part is relatively simply, but still frustration when it occurs so much. I suppose the frustration is the reward for whoever continues to do this.

We all know when this started. It was following separation from a specific company and a specific boss. And it has been fairly consistent. Something like 7 – 10 a week, most weeks. I really don’t know what else I am supposed to do about it – I simply refuse to go into hiding or give up my trademark email/handle. I actually am not sure that writing about it here only stokes the fire. Whatever.

I was irritated enough by the fact that someone has attempted to hack into my gmail accounts last night and this morning. These are emails with very name specific handles, so it isn’t like someone is accidentally trying to sign up for their own name account. I am not 100% certain, but somewhere in the high 90’s percentage, that there is no one out there with my name. It’s pretty unique. So, it falls back to malicious behavior of someone who once knew me.

Yeah, you know who you are.

But that also goes to show that whoever that person is, is thinking about me. More than thinking about me. After all, it is said that there is a think line between love and hate… but both are passionate emotions. The opposite of love is not hate, but indifference and indifference is not what I am seeing in this situation.

Huh. Not sure that there is anything to be done about it, other than tolerating it. It is funny, though, that through the crazy behavior, I have been introduced to some pretty interesting sites on the web. Some, after inactivating whatever account was set up, that I’ve actually gone back and signed up for! I suppose that would be the silver lining of this very dark and stormy cloud.

There it is. In words. And through it all, my reaction is still: “meh”.



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