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Mushrooms, Snakes In Trees and Baby Ducks

on 9 April, 2015

The Kid and I had a bit of cabin fever today, so we opted to head out on a little adventure at the spur of the moment. We headed north from Kansas City, and towards a little area that we had checked out for possible camping in the near future. A small lake and forested area known as Pony Express Conservation Area, complete with its own lake.

The weather was overcast and damp as a storm had rolled through the area last night. It all smelled of campfires (or maybe fireplaces) and the lake. As we walked to the waters edge, we were met by a small crowd of baby ducks, who hurriedly swam away from us.

The dampness made the proliferation of mushrooms everywhere. Clusters of mushrooms sprouted near the trees and the lake edge.

DSCN3295There were all shapes and sizes; I don’t know much about mushrooms – except I don’t care for them on my pizza – but these hopefully would be food for the wildlife.


And speaking of wildlife, here is one such example. Did you know that snakes climb trees? I certainly didn’t. And when The Kid spotted this “large” branch in a tree, we both did a double take. As The Kid moved closer to the tree, though, another snake dropped out of another tree and that was all he needed to see to decide to keep his distance.DSCN3292


DSCN3293There were tons of frogs and probably because of the damp weather, they were all out and croaking. We walked down the shoreline a little more and The Kid was swearing that he was getting ticks all over himself and I was wondering why in the world does this kid want to go camping? We’re going to another place further east in the state sometime next week to check out their primitive camp sites. We want to go where there are few people yet close enough to the basics of indoor plumbing and water.

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 10.37.04 PMEverything seems so green and colors in the forms of trees, flowers and even weeds are finally convincing us that winter really might be over. Although Tuesday the high was almost 80 degrees and we turned the A/C on, although by nightfall and the overcast stormy weather blew in, we had to turn the heat on before we went to bed. The temperatures had dropped my nearly 35 degrees and now it was downright chilly!

I think Mother Nature had a hot flash!



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