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Musings About Life At “This Stage”

on 1 April, 2015

I follow a few blogs from folks who are living a similar stage of their lives. You know, the ‘over the hill’, done living most of life and now trying to figure out what should be done with what remaining time is left stage? I can’t say for certain, but I am pretty sure that we’re all over that magical ’50’ mark in the birthday count.

I started this blog about the time I turned fifty. So, if you have any sense of numbers at all: yes, I am ‘over fifty’. And like most people who fill similar shoes as I do, I cannot ever remember a time when I believed that I would be at this point. Ha.

Life has not slowed down for me. And I have been pretty intentional about making time not slow down. I realize that I cannot do all those things I once so took for granted (like staying up really late and still getting up really early) but that’s okay. I now look forward to doing with my life those things I used to spend making a life.

I am not officially ‘retired’ but whoa, not having worked for the past few months is liberating. Well, in the sense that I don’t have to worry about money like I did before. Not quite as much as I did before, anyway. Isn’t that purpose of this portion of life? The first part was about family and a job and getting an education and starting a career and a family? I know it is so cliché to say that life has moved so quickly, but I guess there is a reason everyone says it!

So, some folks at this stage are trying to hold onto their youth. Or extend the life they have left. Bravo to them. We should all be doing exactly what we want at this age. But I don’t fall into that camp – I am saying “to hell with it” and not worrying about a single calorie or lack of structured exercise or sleep routine. I am living each day to the fullest and that means not depriving myself of anything! And mostly that means around what I eat and how I sleep and in general, how I take care of myself. After all, I nearly killed myself doing that in the past, and deprived myself of perhaps some serious enjoyment. No longer.

I have always been a morning person though. So, I still am up “early” most days. Of course, that word has different connotations for different people, so my “early” may be someone else’s “sleeping in”. (And of course it differs greatly from The Kid’s definition: he thinks ‘early’ means ‘before noon’).

I think I wrote about this before, but this year will have some remarkable things happening for me. I have had my 20,000th day birthday, hit 400 posts on this blog (and 200 on my other) and shortly I will celebrate my 55th birthday. It is also the year that my birthday matches my age: May 5 (5/5) and age 55. And I will celebrate being a mother for 20 years. I like where this year is going. Hopefully, but the end of this year, I will have more concrete plans for moving to Europe or somewhere; I have never been one to stick around so long in any one place.

So, thanks for taking the journey with me. However you define it for yourself.



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