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Telemarketers… Have A Heart, OK?

on 9 March, 2015

So, another blogger I follow wrote what was supposed to be something funny about being a telemarketer. I want to give you a different perspective.

Okay, so no one really likes them. They always seem to call at the wrong time. They are always selling something that you don’t want or need. Or doing a survey that you don’t care about. But think about this: the person on the other end of that call is just a man or a woman doing a job to earn a living. They might not have too many options or they do it because they can do it while being at home because they have a kid or kids or they are taking care of a sick or elderly parent. I used to know someone that did it while going to school because he and his wife had an unplanned baby. It was a way to pay bills and still be able to study. They definitely aren’t thinking that this is some kind of awesome job because they get to call people up and annoy people with sales pitches about better long distance plans.telemarketing-lists

As much as no one likes getting calls from telemarketers, no one likes being a telemarketer. So be decent, huh? Get your name on the ‘do not call’ list and if you get the call, ask to have your number removed. Don’t be an asshole, just calmly request that the number be removed. If they call back, repeat. Or simply say “no thank you, I’m not interested”. Does it take any more time to be polite than it does to be a dick? Nope. And you’ll feel better about yourself, I guarantee it.



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