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Just Another One of “Those Days”

on 8 March, 2015

Do you ever have ‘one of those days’? It really started very early this morning – really last night, but technically it was after midnight, so today. Anyway, The Kid and I were both in our separate places each of us behind our keyboards but neither of us talking to each other. But he came down and turned on the oven and made noises about not getting dinner and was hungry and was making a pizza. Huh. At what age do you stop needing your mom to make you every meal you eat? Even if you do live at home, shouldn’t you be responsible for at least some of your own meals? And if you cook, shouldn’t it be expected that if you do cook, it should include other people at least occasionally?

Well, when the pizza was coming out of the oven, I casually remarked that I would like two pieces of the pizza. He quipped back “No!”. I thought he was joking, in that way that we do. But a couple of minutes later, when he rounded the corner of the kitchen towards the stairs to his room, he wasn’t hesitating to give me my pieces of pizza. When I mentioned this, he just continued on up to his room, trailing behind him his words “I said ‘no’, mom.”

I was literally speechless. Did I really raise such a spoiled kid? Someone who is always attuned to his own needs but not to others? That he can’t see past his own needs to the one person who thinks of no one but his needs? Am I really so invisible that there is no one who thinks of me? And worst of all, I think I never taught him how to be humble or appreciative or how to apologize. Maybe he just doesn’t have the capacity to realize that other people have feelings and matter too. That sometimes, they matter more.

I have had a growing pain in the left side of my head for about two and a half days. The temperatures here have switched from blizzards and below freezing and wild winds, to a high yesterday of over seventy and temps expected to be close to that today. Days when the barometric pressure make such swings wreak havoc and results in nasty headaches. Combine that with the emotional shit I am going through and it results in a whole ‘lot of just feeling very, very bad.

And of course, today is daylight savings time. Change. Off or on, I don’t know. Stupidest thing ever conceived. Stupidly maintained long after it has outlived its usefulness. I am surprised that it hasn’t become the basis of some sort of consumer sale… like President’s Day or something.

Crap bad day. Is it over yet?



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