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“The Thing” and Penny Marshall?

on 25 February, 2015

One of mine and The Kid’s movie is John Carpenter’s “The Thing”. We often quote it and watch it, I’ll bet we’ve seen it at least a hundred times. We can rattle the dialog as it occurs.


Well, we had watched a different John Carpenter movie earlier, so of course, we had to watch “The Thing” just one more time. After all, on iTunes it is the only movie we “own”. 🙂

And even though we’ve seen it a bazillion times, occasionally something never seen before (or recognized or acknowledged) will catch your eye. Tonight it was early in the movie when two of the characters roll a joint and watch pre-recorded VHS tapes and one of them is “The Price is Right” game show. Palmer watches the screen for a moment and then get’s up and changes the tape, not before quipping “I know how this one ends.” Just before ejecting the tape we get a shot of the show on the screen.


For some reason, maybe I never looked or paid attention, except tonight. And I swear its Penny Marshall. You know, of “Laverne and Shirley” fame. I swear it has to be her. I did a search of the entire internet, all the way to the end, and couldn’t find any reference.

What do you think?



3 responses to ““The Thing” and Penny Marshall?

  1. subitolove says:

    Nice read! You may want to check out my review on The Grand Budapest Hotel!

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