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April 15th Has Come Early

on 15 February, 2015

Every year, I finish filing tawww.turbotax.com_-300x300xes way ahead of the deadline. I know that if I waited, every day in the back of my mind would be the dread about having to complete the forms and file. It has almost become a little personal game for me to see just how early I can get them filed. This year was not one of my top ten years, though. One of my W-2s didn’t show up until February 7th and then, of course, we headed out the very next morning for our week long trip to south Texas.

So, I am actually in the midst of completing the forms now. And let me tell you, I am not having a whole lot of fun. I have used the exact same tax prep software since, I dunno, forever. Way back when it originally came out and it was called MacInTax. It was acquired by Intuit wayyyy long time ago and is now known as TurboTax. I even worked for Intuit for a number of years, um, five-ish years, although I worked on the Quicken product for Macs. No one is paying me anything to write about this, but this software changed my life as far as filing my taxes go. (And don’t tell anyone, but I also worked on the H&R Block’s product TaxCut for a bunch of years, too.)

Even still, though, having to pull all the documentation together and do all the calculations is still a major pain in my butt. Why can’t the US get it together and figure out how to do a much simpler and more fair way of taxing?

On the upside, I am also watching the first two seasons of Netflix’s “House of Cards” in anticipation of the new season on February 27th. I am so in “lust” with Frank Underwood (aka Kevin Spacey) in this series!

house-of-cardsI think that I have watched the entire two seasons at least four complete times and I am still amazed that each time I watch it, I see something new or something that I hadn’t seen before or had totally forgotten. This has to be one of the best written and acted shows in a long, long time. I am anxious to see what they do in the next season.



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