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Adventure Time: Day 6 (Friday) – End of the Trip – We’re Home!

on 15 February, 2015

Friday morning, I think it took an act of God to get us out of our big comfy beds. But eventually we did roll out. We even discussed staying another day, but funds were getting tight and we still needed at least two tanks of gas and meals. Isn’t that always how it goes? Just as you’ve found your grove, time is up. 😦

On our way home, we opted to take the less traveled path. It is pretty uneventful, traveling the interstates. But we sing together (how many people do you know like the same music as your kid?) and tell stories and we are pretty comfortable talking about just about anything. So the time we spend together isn’t awkward or uncomfortable in the least. I love our relationship.

On one stop, we hit “The Smallest Casino in the World”. The Kid said he had saved one dollar so that he could gamble it. I warned him about being underage, but he wanted to try. So we slipped into this building which housed maybe a hundred, hundred-fifty slot machines and found a quarter machine. He fed the dollar into the machine and then hit the play button. Lost. Hit the button again – success! He was now at $4.50. He hit the button twice more and he was at $4.00. He opted to cash out. (Good boy! He was up!)

He is so smart!! Other than he had to lie about being 21… he was up! Ha! He had me put those those four singles in a frame:

IMG_5016So, now he will always have them. How great is this kid?

A little further down the road, actually far into Oklahoma. Even though we were on the Interstate, we still happened to catch view of an abandoned farm house. A quick hope off the freeway and a couple of quick roads – even a dirt road, we found the house and barn. Awesome example of how Americans can cast off the old and reach for the new. I am not saying that in a bad way, but in the wonderful way that Americans can work hard and make things better for themselves and their families.

photo 31Ever the urban explorers, we agree to take only photographs, leave only footsteps and keep only memories.

photo 38

We took lots of photos. It appears that the cows have overtaken not only the yard but the inside of the house as well. Evidence was ‘underfoot‘ everywhere!

photo 37It is amazing to think that a whole family once lived in this small footprint. It was a single floor, basically four rooms. An enclosed porch off the kitchen in the back, but I estimate that the total square footage is less than 800 square feet.

photo 36It doesn’t take much for Mother Nature to get her hold on a structure. And once she gets a stronghold, it can go quickly.

photo 35The kitchen is seeing the worst damage.

photo 33While we were there, the cows were curious. They moved in close to the house, loudly stating their presence loudly and clearly. At one point, The Kid looked out the front room window and there was a “gang”:

IMG_1870He really hasn’t had an opportunity to see real cows, up close and personal and he was a bit unnerved by their boldness and apparent aggression. I, on the other hand, spent summers in my youth on my maternal grandparents’ farm and was around cows and pigs and chickens. He was almost surprised that I could walk right up to the cows.

photo 32After that, they pretty much left us alone and watched from a distance.

After that, though, it was just about getting back on the freeway and covering the distance. It was a great feeling to pull into our own driveway. We pretty much left everything in the car and we each crawled into our own beds and sleep.





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