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Adventure Time: Days 3 and 4 (Tuesday and Wednesday)

on 11 February, 2015

====Due to lack of internet connectivity, I was unable to post at the time. But I did have it written! =====

We left San Antonio pretty early to head to Corpus Christi. Originally, it wasn’t our intent to go that far south, but from San Antonio, it was less than 150 miles. And the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to show Padre Island and the Gulf of Mexico to The Kid. I didn’t really remember much from Corpus Christi itself, as the time I lived there was a blur of working and fighting with the then-boyfriend whom I had followed to Texas.

But the Gulf and South Padre Island is everything I remembered. There is something so calming and transcendent as the endless waves rushing to and crashing onto the shore. Aside from less birds and wildlife than I recall, it hasn’t really changed in thirty-five years.

The Kid is loving this! Over the course of many hours on the beach over the last two days, he has been steadily moving mountains of sand from the dunes to the break, somehow attempting to make the smallest impact on the ocean rushing to meet the shore. The temperatures have been in the high seventies and low eighties, heck the day we rolled into San Antonio the high for that day was 89! I hear that back home in KC, the temps are in the thirties and folks are bracing for snow on Friday. I remember this being the exact situation when I arrived here back in the early eighties with Sioux City experiencing a blizzard on Christmas Day, while we spent the day at the beach and swimming in the ocean!

Like I said, I think the wildlife situation has deteriorated since I was here last. We’ve only seen a small flock of birds at the water’s edge – maybe six to then, when I recall that there were hundreds all those years ago. We have had one brown pelican that seems his role is to stand guard over me, moving maybe every five minutes or so and then resuming an almost statute-like pose and not moving. too cool.

We had the requisite seafood last night. We’ve been steering clear of fast food on purpose, trying the local cuisine where possible. The seafood we had last night was supposedly caught in the waters we’re enjoying today and the bar and grill place we ate had live music just a mere ten feet away. A quaint southern Texas eatery called Scuttlebutt. It was an awesome night.

The days have been so packed that they days are blending into one another. This morning, I actually had to check my phone to see what day it was! You know that you’re having a great vacation when you have totally lost track of the days.

We had to take a short break last night and swung by a laundromat to wash a load of colors and jeans. When you spend time at the beach, sand just seems to appear magically in every crease and seam of everything you’re wearing. And the truck is so dirty and sand filled! The Kid said that the first thing he felt when he woke up this morning was sand in his mouth! Ha!

And speaking of, once we got rolling this morning, we headed back to the beach. While The Kid enjoyed himself and the sun and sea, I got to writing. Here I am in the back of the truck with the world (literally) at my feet!

photo 1Another six hours or so on the beach and now that we’ve settled into tonight, we both realized that we are sunburned! Legs, feet, arms and faces! When we return to Missouri (and a schedule snow fall), we are going to look very out of place!

photo 8Following our hours at the beach, we had lunch at another local seafood restaurant called “Doc’s Seafood”. Literally right on the water.

photo 4I was really impressed with The Kid, as he went way out of his comfort zone and tried crab stuffed flounder and ‘dirty’ rice. I had the same thing, except with fries. YUMMY!!

Following lunch, we opted to do a very tourist-y thing and visited the U.S.S. Lexington, a retired aircraft carrier now moored in Corpus Christi. It was really cool. The Kid loved it even more as he almost flitted from gun turret to aircraft on the deck. I only worried that it might make him want to join the Navy. (Okay, not that him joining the service would be bad, just would be bad right now, since we’re in an active war.)

photo 3 Like I said, he was happier than a kid in a toy store. He could hardly contain his enthusiasm.

photo 4

I took the opportunity to regale him stories of his grandpa (my dad) and his days in the Navy. I think that was seen in a whole different light, considering that we were actually standing on an aircraft 6We were there until they were practically chasing us out! We had managed to stay almost 45 minutes past closing. I think they were enjoying his enthusiasm too. I had actually pooped out about an hour earlier, the knees were really bothering me.

photo 7It was late that our initial plan of heading towards Austin was shelved for the next day. We found a nice hotel downtown, ordered a pizza and crashed. I am getting the final updates on this so I can post.

Well, I think we’re planning on sleeping in and getting a solid night’s sleep. Then onto Austin.

‘Night y’all!




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