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Adventure Time: Day 2

on 9 February, 2015

Woke up this morning in Texas. Nothing like driving and prepping and getting ready for a vacation to wear you completely out! But after a bonus of a few minutes snuggling with my baby, we opted for the free breakfast and then got ready to do some more driving.

We headed for San Antonio via Austin (via I-35). Started out with The Kid driving but after about an hour, I saw that the monotony of driving and the change in sleep habits was getting to him. We were due for a fill-up and some lunch, so after procuring said provisions, I took the wheel. Almost immediately The Kid’s head rolled gently to one side and he caught up on some much needed sleep.

Close to Austin, we started seeing signs for something called “BUC-EE’s”. The Kid commented that he had been seeing the signs from way back in Kansas and thought it was some sort of adventureland or something. So, when I realized that we were but about 50 miles from it, we decided to make it our stop in Austin.

Well, let me tell you about this wonderland of American consumerism! photo. 17JPGThis  is Buc-ee Beaver, their mascot. This place was a-MAZ-ing!

First, when you pull in, you will see their gas island.

photo 10There had to be at least 50 pumps. It was awe inspiring! The building was no less amazing.

photo 3This photo was taken just about the mid-point of the store. Yes, there was much we had already walked past! I had to hit the ladies’ room, and was, again, impressed.

photo 4This was half the ladies room. Plus a whole huge area with sinks and changing tables. And everything was meticulously clean (well, it does look pretty new too). Behind these doors are big spacious rooms hiding the toilets. I tell you, I have had apartments smaller than these bathroom stalls. 🙂

photo 8It really is difficult to really appreciate the immenseness of this place. And if I haven’t yet, this is a convenience store…. this is not a grocery store. I know this place is larger than the Hy-Vee we shop at in Kansas City.

Onto San Antonio… the internet pretty much took us right to the downtown area where The Alamo is. We did a little research and found a pretty nice hotel to stay at, one within walking distance of the sight seeing we wanted to do.

Oh and did I mention that while the NorthEast part of the country was being dumped on by feet of snow, we were enjoying a high of 91 degrees! We both wished that we had packed shorts and/or swimming suits. Gorgeous!

photo 14Here we are at The Alamo. The Kid was a bit disappointed in how small it was. We walked the whole thing, checking out the guns and cannons and reading all about how Texas became a state.

photo 13We then cruised to the RiverWalk. We didn’t do a lot of it, as I understand there are miles of it. I was doing lucky to do as much as we did! We found an awesome place for some Tex-Mex – Guadalajara Grill and had this out-of-this-world fajita’s thing for two. All I can say is “OH EM GEE”!

photoFollowing, we walked around downtown a bit. The Kid was amazed at some of the crazy trees and cactus growing in the area.

photo 15He really wanted to see a saguaro, but I am not sure they even grow in this area. We looked all over for a little bitty cactus that he could buy and bring home, but found none.

photo 6This building was a museum that had closed about 5 minutes before we got there. I was amazed by the trophy heads on the outside of the building. Only in Texas. Right?!?

photo 11Tomorrow’s plan is to take “the long way” to Corpus Christi and stay overnight there. On our way, we want to hit some thrift stores and do some ‘abandoned house (or building) hunting’ and I want to try and collect a few Texas-style fabrics to make a remembrance quilt.

Thanks for taking this trip with us! I only wish you could help drive!




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