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Adventure Time: Day 1

on 8 February, 2015

So, as many of you know, The Kid and I are on an adventure. With the latest ridiculous low prices on gasoline, I mused out loud that gas prices were so low that we should go somewhere. The Kid looked at me and said, “I wanna see The Alamo”.

Boom! We are on our way to The Alamo. We left Kansas City about 10:00am and we opted to stop for dinner and our first night in the great city of… … Denton, TX.

Okay, I heard a collective shaking of heads…. where oh where is Denton, Texas?

Well, we’re about this close to Dallas. I figured that amenities would be less expensive if we stayed outside of Dallas. After getting a room and then venturing out for dinner, I really wish that we had hung on a little while and found something actually in the Dallas city limits. Live and learn.

sandals2Tomorrow, after a good night’s sleep (finger crossed), we will head to San Antonio. I fully expect to have enough to do for a couple of days, and we’re going to splurge and stay somewhere nice. Even though I lived in Texas in my wild young days, I never did make it to San Antonio, so with The Kid, we’re going to do it all.

Yep, going to be proper tourists. Down to the black socks and sandals! <jk>

Stay Tuned!



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