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I Have An Ax To Grind

on 19 January, 2015

Okay, this has been a particularly aggravating issue for me. Yes, I am a plus-sized woman. I make no excuses or apologies… I am happy with myself just as I am. Yes, I did the diet roller-coaster for most of my adult life, with some success, but in the end, I always regained the weight. After chatting with my doctors, we decided its best to try to maintain my weight as the yoyo experience is probably worse for my heart and overall health.

Now that I have come to terms with my body and how I look, I have to wonder about some of the industries that cater or pander to ‘big girls’.

First is the bra. Okay, I get that lots of big girls have ample busts. You can count me in that group. In fact, I’ve always been a busty girl, from the outset. I have to confess that at the ripe old age of 16, I was already wearing a D cup. It was quite the issue when I did my basic training in boot camp too. Let’s just say that I had the attention of most of the men in my company.

So, I look for really good support for the twins, but OMG, why do bras have to swallow me whole? I mean, here is one for demonstration:

Why Do Big Girl Bras Encase Us?This bra looks like it could have steel reinforcement. I have worn bras like these and holy crap, it feel like the damned thing is right up there under my chin! I would much rather be wearing something that flirts a little, more like this kind of style…

Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 9.15.51 PM…but I swear, these don’t come in a cup size larger than a C. And band size rarely larger than 34″.

Then I turned around and saw this ad:1135A

PUH-lease!! The model in this ad no more needs a ‘spankz’ than she needs a hole in her head. What she really needs is a sandwich, not a “diet”!

Have you ever tried to fit into one of these? Especially if you weight more than 100 pounds? Forget about it! But good heavens, the people who market these believe that if I saw this I would conclude that if I bought this undergarment I would look like her?!?

I can’t tell you how long it took for me to come to terms with my body – size, shape and weight. When I did the most successful diet, I lost weight down to 132 pounds. I’m 5′ 4″… and according the health/weight charts, I was still “overweight”. I hadn’t weighed that little since 7th grade and yet, they were still telling me that I needed to lose even more weight? I had gotten to that weight by eating 500 calories a day (or less) and walking between 5 and 8 miles most days (not to mention the Rx I was taking). The only way that I could lose any more weight was to start amputating limbs.

I would have bought into this BS if I were younger. Hell, I DID buy into all of this at the time… and it took some long hard learning and introspective to get to the point that I am today. I just wish that it didn’t take all the anguish and inner hate and self disgust that I had to go through.

And why do companies that are supposed to support women continuing to take advantage of us?


One response to “I Have An Ax To Grind

  1. I know right? It’s as annoying as clothing stores using skinny women to model plus size clothing.

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