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To Work or Not To Work… That’s My Question

on 13 January, 2015

Okay, so how do I say this without sounding like an asshole?

I’m in a lucky financial position to not have to work. But I worry that if I stop working now, that I won’t have enough money if for some reason I manage to live past about another 20 years. It could happen, my parents both lived well into their eighties and my Dad’s parents both lived into their nineties.

And although I find that I have tons of things to keep me busy (you can check it all out over here at my other blog), I have always loved my job and keeping on the forefront of technology. I find that without a real application or use, the technology is just theory (for me). And I have always loved being on the leading – né the bleeding – edge of technology.

I’ve been giving this some thought over the past year or so.  I would like to join a company that focuses on or does more new development. I am particularly interested in mobile and pad app development as well as web development. A real ‘nice to have’ would be working for a company that does development for and on the Mac platform.

I’m really looking for a company that fully recognizes and encourages their employees’ work and initiative and is open to suggestions and encourages exploration. QA cannot be a department that solely exists to validate development, but rather is part of development. Also important is a company that embraces new ideas and technologies and is willing to review new tools and methodologies rather than being reliant on the “old standard”.
I want – no, need – to be happy and actively invested in any role that I might consider. That being said, I cannot work for free, but don’t want to rule out any roles simply for the contract rates or salaries. My last contract had a very healthy contract rate, but it really isn’t about money… if a position in an aggressive and exciting start up were to crop up, I would consider shares of the company in lieu of pay (or in addition to pay). The bottom line is I don’t have to work, but I love the work that I do and love being surrounded by folks that love the technology as well.
So, then I flip back to the other side of this coin. I have the time and money to spend these years with my son – The Kid – whom is the sole reason I need to exist at all. I can spend all day every day with him, doing things that excite us both like computers and technology or traveling or urban exploration. I have the chance to really spend quality time with him and it, too, is important.
But I know, too, that it is important to demonstrate a healthy adult work habit and the responsibility of getting up every day and going to a job. Its hard to convince someone to do something that you, yourself, are not doing.
Arghh! It is so confusing! And frustrating.
I mean, what you do?

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