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Urban Exploration, Part II

on 8 January, 2015

I don’t know if it really is part two, hell it is probably more like fifteen or fifty, who keeps track?

The Kid and I were both bored of being in this house all day, every day for at least a week. There are some days I don’t even go outside as far as the mailbox. I get The Kid to run errands most days – grocery store or to the bank – so I just kick back. We’re up to Season 3 of the binge watch of “The X-Files”, wow there were a lot of episodes for each season. And we have nine seasons (I think) and being an hour long show (and don’t forget there are two, three or is it four?) feature length movies to go along with this as well.

Any way, we both woke up early for some reason and decided to go on “An Adventure”. This usually requires jumping into the truck and making random decisions on the direction to go. We actually sort of had a destination in mind today – Mark Twain National Forest – so we headed east on I-70. We listen to music in between chatting and looking for interesting things.

We saw this from a distance off Highway 5 and had to investigate.

photo 6We are guessing that this is an old grain silo, though we couldn’t figure out how exactly the grain was stored or put into the silos.

photo 4

I, myself, am in love with the outside tiling and how well it has held up over the years and weather.

photo 3

photo 2

It obviously had been well investigated and used, judging from the amount of graffiti and the well worn path up to the back entrance.

photo 1It was freezing out today, the temps hovered in the single digits for most of the day, until the sky cleared in the late afternoon. Even then, it was windy and along with the wind chill factor, making it tough to be outside for long.

photo 8

photo 7We also saw this awesome house and matching garage. It is a little hard to discern from the photos, but both the house and garage are round! And I love the funky redish-orange roof. Way cool!

photo 9The Kid was happy to get home and back to his latest obsession: Oculus Rift. He is one of a few lucky ones using this in beta (although beta price wasn’t cheap!). I’ve used it a few times myself and this thing is way cool. I am trying to figure out what the big “thing” is that will need to go with – like an arena or walking platform or something so that I can make my millions and retire! Ha!

Been a long day but a good one. Going to get some Z’s!


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