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I Want to Believe

on 6 January, 2015

I’ve been out of work for about eight weeks now. I’ve been doing a shit-ton of work on projects for my other blog. I’ve finished over two dozen furniture projects, as well as finishing quilts, cooking new dishes and cleaning and organizing. Of course, it was across the end of the year holidays, so the days seemed to pass quickly as it seemed everyone was occupied with the season.

But the holidays have come and gone and now we’re squarely entranced in the new year. And of course, that has turned my attention to considering the possibility of going to work again. I stumbled across the answer of whether or not my last contract would call me back to work, the answer being no. 😦

Of course, it did take some time to overcome the disappointment. I had really hoped that I could return. That position was almost everything that I had wanted in a job and almost without issue. The only “bad” aspect of it was that the company was on the other side of town from me, and that wasn’t really an issue at all. Let me tell you, after you’ve made an 75 mile (way one) for nearly a year, a 30 mile commute is a piece of cake.

So, now I get to do the ‘get to know me‘ dance. Again. I have a fairly definitive list of desires, but it becomes difficult to find the one position that delivers most of them. Its almost the story of the princess and the frog… I will talk to a lot of people and companies before there is a good fit. You know, kiss a lot of frogs before finding my prince.

I think I am going to wait to start looking until at least next week. Considering that I have been working for 40 years, I have become to really dread the whole searching and interviewing process. It is one of the things I have come to really dislike. No matter, I know that there will be the perfect fit for me for my next job.

I gotta believe. Right?




2 responses to “I Want to Believe

  1. JLi says:

    Tides are pulling me toward new adventures myself. Still employeed until June with possible fte position. Old school Julie says “take the fte”. My dream says “don’t get tethered again”. I’d really love to do something more personally inspiring. QC/QA has lost some of the sparkle and years of “fighting and defending” for an overlooked profession are making their mark on my attitude. Not the person I want to be even for a paycheck! 2015 yet another year of transformation!

    • MacCupcake says:

      Yeah, I get it.

      A couple of years back, I bought and framed this post titled “This is your LIFE” which communicates straightforward that we really only have one life to live and we should do it with all of the passion and attention that we can muster. I have loved having my career and being successful, but as the years continue to speed past, I, too, realized that there must be more to life. Like you said, something more personally inspiring.

      However, coming to that decision and actually making the change is a whole ‘nuther story!

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