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Is it Something In The Air? A Negativity Cloud or Something?

on 2 January, 2015

More and more, I seem to be picking up on other people’s negative vibes.

It occurred to me while reading a post on a blog that I visit regularly. You know how something gets into your head and it just kind of floats around for a while, waiting… waiting for validation or eradication?

This other blog that I read, has a conglomerate of writers, all of the women. They send out a nice email with the top new posts highlighted, most times there are one or two that pique my interest enough to get me to roll over to the site. Today there was one, although I am not sure what really prompted me to go read it.

It was a post about the things pregnant women may hear when they are with child. This one was like “ten things” that was said to her during her last pregnancy. Some of them seemed harmless enough, said by well meaning people that maybe didn’t think quite as long as they should have before uttering the words. Some were on the fence with regards as to whether they were “unbelievable” or not, some seemed like perhaps they were taken out of context. Or not preceded with enough explanation.

By the time I finished the article, I was shaking my head, wondering why I had bothered to read it at all. And it occurred to me that this had happened more times that I care to remember. One such post was a tirade of what was perceived to be racially motivated comments and experienced that the writer defined as racism. I wrote to her and asked if perhaps she was reading into the whole thing a little more than was intended. Arguments and logic be damned, she was offended and nothing that I was going to say was going to change her mind.

More and more I see titles disguised like “Ten Reasons I Was Offended” or “Things People Say that Offend Me” or “Why the World is Such a Horrible Place”!

Okay, so I maybe I am exaggerating a little. But only a little.

I’ve always considered myself a pretty positive person. When I was younger, I was often described as being naive, as in “quite naive”. For a while, I had the unique title from some of the guys I worked with once they found out I was a midwestern girl – they called me “wonder bread kid”. I’ve also been called “Suzy Sunshine”. I guess I exuded naiveté having been born and raised in good ol’ Iowa. I think I just have always had the best outlook and believe the best in people. I guess you could say that I always give people the benefit of the doubt and believe that people are genuinely good.

It has always served me well. Most of the time. And because I tend to overlook anything that might be considered bad or wrong, it can sometimes take me a little while before I realize that I am standing smack dab in the middle of a big shit puddle.

I think I have kind of rambled on a bit here (trying to write and watch a movie at the same time – doesn’t work), so I will wrap up. I have un-enrolled myself from the blog site, so that I don’t get dragged into the much raking and negativity embracing that it is so quick to do. There are plenty of folks out there that have healthy and positive attitudes that reflect more of who I really am.

I wanted to get back on track with this blog as well. When I started writing a lifetime ago, it was in anticipation of where my life might take me at the point that I find myself: The Kid is now graduated from high school and I no longer am tied to this particular geographical place in the U.S. (or the world for that matter). I want to get back into investigating my options as to where I might go next and what I might find myself exploring. I don’t plan on writing every day, but want to write more often.

So, look for me around. I hope that you will accompany me on my adventures!



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