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Looking Ahead: Did You Realize That It Is Almost 2015?

on 26 December, 2014

I’ve pretty much lost track of the days. When you don’t have to be anywhere specific at any specific time or day, the days sort of just blur together. It is quite addictive and enjoyable. Me and The Kid have been sort of doing a whole ‘lot of nuthin’, watching television and working on projects. Generally sleeping late and have great breakfasts and then doing whatever.

I have to admit that it has meant some missed showers and I am in serious need to becoming blonde again (haha, that means my roots are showing). Some days I feel like I should be doing more, but most days it is just about enjoying the day. Each and every day.

So, I will probably go back to work after the beginning of the year, but I am going to be very selective as to where. I have my fingers crossed that my last job will recall me… you know, a new year and a new budget. I was really very happy there and it didn’t have anything to do with the salary. Which, by the way, was the highest I have ever made in KC. But we’ll see what happens then.

I was in a interesting conversation today about new year’s resolutions. I really stopped making them a long time ago, recognizing that January 1st is simply an arbitrary date on a calendar. New calendar, yes, but arbitrary nonetheless. I think this was somewhere around the time I decided to quit smoking, and a good friend of mine had a New Year’s party and at the end of it, all of us – four married couples – all made the vow to start the year smoke-free. Out of the eight of us, six actually made it. But not me. It was a bit stressful at the job I had at that time and I couldn’t quite drop my primary stress release mechanism. But, in March of the same year, I smoke my last cigarette. That was nearly 30 years ago.

Looking back, what I learned, was that it really didn’t matter what arbitrary date on the calendar would affect how I was to make changes in my life. What I really understood, is that I needed to be ready to make those changes in order to be successful.

So, for me, its a great big fuck you to December 31 and all its gallantry. I tend to avoid holidays when the great, unwashed masses are imbibing anyway, so I probably will be turning in before the “ball drops”. And while forgetting to put “/15” on dates will probably happen a few times, there will be nothing spectacular about the first day of January.

I have three days that I do want to celebrate this year. Special days. First, I am coming up on my 400th post on this blog (and 200 on my other blog). Its a real milestone for me. The second one is February 6. On this date I will be 20,000 days old. And the third? May 5 – which as some of you may know – is my birthday. And on 5/5 this year, I will be – wait for it – 55. (God damned that sounds old!)

Alright, I’m done. [getting off the soap box].




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