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A Direct Message to You (You Know Who You Are)

on 25 December, 2014

Its Christmas morning. Doesn’t mean a whole lot to me, but I’m guessing it does to you. And my best guess is your pretty unhappy because you’re not spending it with your kids.

So, you think its time to ramp up the retribution. Or whatever you want to call it. I am guessing that on different days it has different intentions. But I think today, you’re making it about some sort of punishment.

The time has come to end this silly game of signing me up for useless internet crap. In the beginning, it occasionally was useful and interesting sites on the web. But more and more it is just annoying internet crap.

I think that over the past three-ish years, it has gone from you missing me and our mutual love of all things computers and internet to you being unhappy that I’ve gotten past all of the useless bullshit. And now it has simply become a imagesgame of how many worthless sites you can sign me up for. Like I said, some sort of ‘punishment’ for the way that you have fucked up your life and want to blame it on somebody – anybody – and that means me.

But in the end, you need to place the blame securely where it belongs. And that, my former dunderhead, is you.

Do something a little more useful with your time and stop wasting what is left of your life with this juvenile retribution. Because not only does it not make me miss you or think of you fondly, it really just does nothing. A few minutes every day to undo what you have done and that’s it. Its almost become some sort of game as to how many accounts you have signed me up for each day… sort of a backwards kind of lottery!

So, continue to sign me up. It doesn’t bother me in the least. But know that with every one that you do, I only feel more pity for the pathetic wretch you’ve become.

Oh, hope you’re enjoying your Christmas. Alone. Loser.

Former Friend, Lover and Confidante.



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