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The Life of a Contractor

on 20 November, 2014

Today is another one of those days where someone might look at the situation and think: this is bad. But me? I try to see the positive. Although in this case, it is really, really, REALLY hard.

Yesterday, I got the news that my project has been postponed. I was hired specifically to work on this project, so what that really means (to me) is no more job. 😦

And more so, what that means to me is that I am NOT working but even more so, it means I am job hunting. THE. WORST. THING. EVER. (Okay, I get that this is probably one of those “first world problems” that don’t mean jack to the majority of the world. I get that.)

Even worse than that – for me anyway – is being newly hired and feeling totally dumb ’cause you have to ask where the bathrooms are and what’s the printer’s IP address and what was the name of that guy I just was introduced to? Because for me, this is what unnerves me, makes me uncomfortable and causes me to feel sick to my stomach. It takes just about 90 days to really get my feet on the ground and my head wrapped around a new language (just ask anyone what a TLA is) and who is who in the company. Huh! Guess where I magically was for about the last two week? Yep… finally feeling like I knew what I was doing. Just in time for the carpet to be pulled from under my feet.

You see (as the title indicates) I have been doing a lot of contract work lately. And although early in my career I did contract work as well, those contracts always seemed to be much longer. My very first contract? Almost 4 years. But in the last two years, I have had an 8-month, two 4-month, a two-month and one that last just 30 days (that was unusual even for me). But the all seemed to last just about enough time for me to get “comfortable” and then its back to the grind of interviewing.

Maybe I should hold out for a full time position?



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