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What Did I Do Right With That Kid?

on 6 October, 2014

If you’ve been reading this blog (or the other one) you know that I am an over-proud parent of a son. I refer to him in the blogs as “The Kid” such as he is not big for social media and I really do not care to inundate the internet with his name. He has a unique name and once unleashed on the world, it probably would be most difficult to retrieve.

Anyway, The Kid is now 19 and has for the past 20 years (19 years and the 9 months I was pregnant with him) have been the source of the most inspirational, joyous and intense happiness for me. He is beyond the perfect kid, even during his teenage years, never going through that angst-y phase and never giving me much issue. There was that one issue with a cell phone and me buzz cutting his shoulder-length hair – but even we can laugh about that now.

He never fails to amaze me. The thing is, in all seriousness, is that he still doesn’t know what he wants to do with his life. The direction that I took in raising him, was to do everything exactly the opposite that my mom did with me. And it has not only resulted in a happy and healthy kid, but it has given me immense pleasure in the mere fact that he is my son.

This weekend, he totally took me by surprise by cooking Sunday dinner. He has recently – about the last four or five years – begun to develop a healthy interest in different foods than he grew up eating. Remember, I was a child of a midwestern typical family that ate meat and potatoes for every meal.

This weekend, out of the blue (and after having maintained an inherent dislike of all foods Chinese), he opted to make fried rice on his own. Now, most people don’t think that is a big deal, but let me tell you, this Kid always needs to put his mark on whatever he makes – and he has been recently becoming quite the baker. I have never been a fan of fried rice, always opting for sticky steamed white rice.

Well, let me tell you, this was heaven! I suppose the added benefit of having someone else shop, prep, cook, serve and cleanup didn’t hurt – but this was unlike anything I’ve ever eaten, he definitely kicked it up a notch with his “secret ingredient”. This is bound to be a staple for some time in our household. He has now asked for a wok, and I have found one in the line of cookery that I have invested in. In fact, the brand of pots and pans that I found when I first got married – Magnalite – is no longer manufactured, so to find a unique piece like a wok in unused condition is pretty much a miracle. It will soon join the extensive collection that I already have.

We’re back at Monday. Again. So on to the day!



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