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Going Down the Rabbit Hole

on 25 September, 2014

Isn’t it funny how these things can go? Yesterday, just a normal course of a work day, I attempted to add an extension to Chrome and have it displayed in the navigation bar of the opened browser window. One would think this wouldn’t be a challenging task.

It quickly became obvious that simple was not what this was going to do. After spending a bit of time searching and reading articles on the web and still not getting an answer, I im’d with The Kid. So, now he too, is searching for an answer. Alas, I knew that my boss had her extension displayed in her navigator bar, so I asked her. She didn’t recall and set about trying to come up with instructions.

Needless to say that nearly two hours later (this is of three people’s time) and still no closer to solving this innocent conundrum, we took to deleting the software and all its associated files and reinstalled. We had deleted just the application before but that didn’t solve it. It took a clean sweep of the machine and all of the supporting docs before reinstalling to make this work. And even with that completed, it took a few minutes to realize that it would only display extensions that had options to interact with. So, the initial extension that I started out trying to get installed and displayed in the navigator bar simply would not.

But I did get other extensions to appear. I laugh now, but during this time it was exasperating!

Cookie ExtensionIsn’t technology wonderful!




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