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A Little More Settled?

on 12 September, 2014

Okay, big event. Well, for me anyway. The decision made was one that implies – rather requires – a higher level of permanence. We adopted a puppy.

DollyWe’ve had her now for three days and two nights. She is more than a handful. But adorable nonetheless. The Kid and I have both had our moments of questioning whether we did the right thing or not. It seems most days that it has been long enough since we lost our Ashla around Christmas. But then on the other hand, a two month old puppy is quite a handful. There are things about puppies that you forget as they grow past their puppy years that are right there in front of us again. Potty training. Sleeping arrangements and the morning rituals. Just working up the effort to walk her – and do the actual walking thanks to arthritic knees – can be a major chore. And everywhere you go, she is right there under your feet.

The Kid was hit so much harder by the death of Ashla, his first pet. Not mine, I’ve had so many over the years that one tends to lose count. But I realized just how much time it was going to take from him and I am not sure that he was really ready to take on this responsibility. He has voiced his doubts. It is probably not too late to return her and not have it be a major event for any of us – puppy included – but it still seems a difficult decision to make.

And like I said, it does imply a higher level of permanence… I doubt that we could take her on a move to Europe. Any where else in the states, sure, but not something that would require a lot of government forms and red tape.

Oh, she is a mix of American Bulldog and an Akita. So far, she has more of the features of the Akita – the fluffy coat, the ears and the tail… but the coloring and the current size of a bulldog. She could get to be quite large, from what I am told between 30 and 70 pounds. That’s kinda big. But she could stay little… I mean, look at those feet… those aren’t the feet of a big dog. Its a roll of the genetic dice.

We’ve named her Dolly. I don’t know why, the shelter had named her “Day Lilly” but that didn’t seem to fit her. She was one of 6 girls (an all girl litter!) and they had been given names of flowers: Rose, Gardenia, Oleander, Tulip, Iris and our Day Lilly. Weird, huh? At first glance though, I saw the D and the “lly” and my brain came up with ‘Dolly’. And she is a little doll, too. I mean, look at that face! She is gonna get away with murder!




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