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Getting ramped up… or should I say “amped up”?

on 6 September, 2014

So, only one day of recuperating to get over that stomach thing that I had. Its one of those cases where you just spend most of the day in a constant battle of heading to the bathroom and then trying to replenish liquids and whatever passes for solids (sorry, that pun was definitely NOT intended)!

So, back to work on Thursday and Friday. Getting ramped up to begin a two year long initiative… the thought both reassures me and terrifies me at the same time. At the beginning of my second month here, I have alternatively started to feel comfortable with what’s ahead and then realizing that I really don’t have a clue of the depth of work and investment that has gone into this project already. Huh.

What I do know is that this is a big deal here at the AAFP. They’ve earmarked a significant sum of money to make this one part of the website successful and to earn money. I guess that is the standard for determining if this is going to be a success or not. Will it make money (in the long run)?

And so there it is. It is damned near impossible for me to walk away from the money that they are paying me and I guess only time will tell if the money has to compensate for something else. Thus far, the team is only four people and a manager and there seems to be little, if any, overlap of the projects. It almost seems that of the four of us, there is almost no interaction. Not that I haven’t tried, but it just seems that people are so busy or are wrapped up in their own projects and don’t have time (or is it the inclination to disassociate from that which would detract from the work at hand?) for socializing. Trust me, I have tried. My cube neighbor (I’ll call him “D”) is sweet and seems to be open to building a personal relationship – but having recently moved to the US, It is obvious that he has much outside of work to deal with.

One thing that is interesting, is that we have high cube walls. This isn’t the usual cubicle farm, I have only one neighbor (D), with an empty cubicle to my left. On the third side is a wall and across from me is a meeting room. The walls are at least 6 feet tall, so there is no simply standing up and talking over the wall. It requires a concerted effort to talk. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of walking traffic either. We’re at the end of the building, so the meeting space is on the outside wall and that wall is floor-to-ceiling windows. Its nice for lighting and there was no issue with removing all the fluorescent lighting from above me, so I have a quiet, semi-dark working space. Highly desirable!

There aren’t a lot of people in this group, from what I can gather, there are different departments to handle very specific things within the organization. I think that’s good, that way experts are looking at what they need to make everything the very best. But it does seem to to compartmentalize people and whatever overlap we may encounter, I fear may be tricky to navigate.

On the other hand, I just saw the schedule for the project that I will be working on: two years starting about a month ago. Two years! That works for me… and hopefully they will want me to be the one that hangs around and does the QA for this endeavor. I hesitate to call it a “project” just from the size and scope and I don’t want to accidentally or otherwise indicate it isn’t monumental. At least in the scope of this company and, hey, after all that’s about the only thing that counts.

Halfway through the weekend… time is just flying by for me. Here we are firmly entrenched in September. Wow.


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